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Breaking Bread

Toasted Turkish bread, with Middle eastern dukkah & virgin olive oil       8.95
Home style garlic bread, topped with grana padano                          8.95
Olive & thyme sourdough, with olive oil and Rossini balsamic vinegar       8.95


Ballina Pacific oysters, extra-large (5)

Natural                                          16.95 
Kilpatrick                                       17.95
Fleurs                                           17.95


BBQ garlic and lime Ballina prawns on, mango, daikon and flying fish roe salad with a 
citrus vinaigrette     (Gf)                19.95                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Roasted Cowra lamb rump medallion, on a minted pea puree with roasted baby beets and rosemary 
demi-glace (Gf)         18.95                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Pan seared deep sea scallops, on chickpea fritters, with semi dried tomato salsa, 
pita crisps and smoked hummus               19.95                    

Main Fare

Char grilled rib filet, wrapped in prosciutto, served on creamy polenta with tomato relish, 
maple glazed mushrooms and cabernet demi-glace (Gf)     35.95                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Confit roasted duck, on smashed rosemary and thyme roast potatoes, 
with chilli peach chutney and an orange and cumquat jus (Gf)      32.95                   

Chicken breast centred with Ballina prawns, camembert and leek, 
served on saffron risotto galette, with a tomato cream bisque(Gf)    32.95  

Twice cooked pork belly, served on baked kumera whip, with poached elderflower and rhubarb, 
and pickled red cabbage (Gf)            29.95

Grilled fish of the day served the Chef’s way                                35.95


Beer battered chips                                                                 6.50
Garden Vegetables                                                                   8.95
Green Salad                                                                         8.95

Something Sweet 

White chocolate Christmas pudding pannacotta served with a brandy anglaise $14.95 
Lemon curd and apple crumble with vanilla bean ice-cream $14.95 

Chocolate silken tart with a macadamia, coconut and pistachio base served with 
poached summer berries and double cream (gf) $14.95 

Affogato (Italian for “drowned”): a special Italian dessert. 
Two scoops of our creamiest vanilla seed ice cream accompanied with a shot of Piazza d’Oro 
espresso and a liqueur of your choice. We recommend Frangelico or Vanilla Galliano. (gf) 15.95 

All time favourites 

Home Style Spaghetti Bolognaise with parmesan cheese
& garlic bread                                                                          19.95
Salt and pepper calamari salad with mango and coriander dressing                        22.95           

Chicken Parmigiana served with vegetables & mash or salad & beer Battered chips         21.95

Chargrilled chicken Caesar salad                                                        19.95                                                                          

T-Bone steak served with vegetables & mash or beer battered Chips & salad      
(Mushroom or pepper sauce optional)                                                     28.95

Char grilled Sirloin with vegetables & mash or beer battered chips
& salad       (Mushroom or pepper sauce optional)                                       27.95               

Crumbed flat head with salad, beer battered chips & tartare                             23.95